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this is Milk Hall,

cafe and antique shop in Komachi, Kamakura. We greet you with nostalgic atmosphere and modern jazz music. You can enjoy good-smelling strong coffee and browsing at many of our Japanese antiques.

Antique Information


Goods: Everything's 50-150 years old.(Meiji and Taisho Era.)
cupboards, wardrobes, tables, chairs, glassware, lacquerware, ceramic ware, teacups and many other household goods.

Price : Good things at unbelievably good prices.

Cafe Information:

Lunch Time (11:30am`2:30pm)
Set menu with dessert and tea or coffee 1,050yen`
Tea Time (2:30pm`6:00pm)
Coffee, Tea 600yen`
Cake set 950yen`
Bar Time (6:00pm`10:30pm)
Beer, Cocktails 500yen`
Meals 500yen`

Daily Business:
Cafe : Open almost every day 11:00am`10:30pm
Antique : Closed irregularly, open 12:00pm-6:00pm

Address : 2-3-8 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref. 248-0006
Phone : 0467-22-1179